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Yearly Tune-Ups to Your HVAC System Save Money and Energy!

Louisiana State University teamed up with Gulf States Power to identify what benefits (if any) were provided by a yearly HVAC tune-up. A series of homes were heavily instrumented to collect data over time – and the results were staggering! Researchers found that tune-ups saved energy and restored lost capacity!

Average Monthly Savings From a Tune-Up ………… $32.76

Average Cooling Capacity Restored …………………… 0.79 Tons

With this level of savings and the low cost of One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating’s maintenance plan, your HVAC tune-ups are essentially free! At the end of the multi-year study, LSU researchers concluded that HVAC maintenance benefits the consumer by lowering operating costs, increasing comfort control capacity and extending equipment life. 

For a limited time, One Hour is offering yearly tune-ups for just $89 (usually $149). 


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