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Air conditioners undeniably provide us so much comfort, most especially during the sticky summer weather when the heat feels almost unbearable. But did you know that aside from keeping us cool during the times of year when the sun is out and we need it the most, air conditioners are also beneficial to our health? May sound crazy, but it’s true! Keep reading for the ways your air conditioner is helping you breathe and keeping the air clean.

Did You Know? AC’s Filter and Circulate Indoor Air

Most all air conditioners on the market and in people’s homes today have a filter that removes allergens and other pollutants that are present in the air. They work by pulling air from inside the room, which can actually help reduce indoor air pollution, most especially when the air quality outside is poor.


Unfortunately, an AC unit can’t do this alone. In order to provide optimum performance in cleaning the air and delivering it inside our homes, they need to be regularly cleaned and properly maintained with regular checkups. No less than once a year. AC units that are poorly maintained can actually end up doing more harm than good, especially to people who are suffering from asthma and allergies.


As mentioned above, air conditioners clean the air by pulling the pollutants in from the air inside our homes. This is why over time, these pollutants can build inside the unit and eventually lead to a recirculation of the air pollutants throughout the room, rendering the filtering useless.


That’s not the end of it, either. AC units that are rarely, if ever, actually cleaned can eventually accumulate mold because of the moisture they remove from the air. And that is because they can decrease indoor humidity. Great, but not so great if it’s never being cleaned.


If mold isn’t enough of a reason to keep your AC in check, refrigerants and other chemical substances can often leak from your air conditioner and lead to the creation of toxic vapors that are harmful if inhaled. To ensure your AC is serving its purpose the way it should without further polluting the air or leading to unnecessary expenses, we recommend:


  1. Replacing your air conditioner’s air filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Regularly clean your AC. Remove the vents and the back of the unit as necessary.
  3. Schedule an annual inspection to identify small issues that can turn into serious ones if ignored.

Another important thing to note about your air conditioner is that it limits natural outdoor ventilation. As a general practice, when the AC is running, we tend to close our doors and windows to keep the cool dry air inside. Though this makes sense from an environmental and financial standpoint, (Why waste all the cold air??) it also means that the substances filtering in and out of the air conditioning unit inside our homes are trapped, which may create a harmful build-up.of indoor pollution. To ensure you keep your home and family safe from this problem, turn off the AC and open up your windows to let fresh air in during cooler days when the air quality outside is good. This will allow adequate airflow and ventilation that can significantly reduce indoor air pollution and your peace of mind!


We hope now that you realize that air conditioners can do so much more than just keeping you cool. With proper care and maintenance, they can help you keep the air in your home safe and clean. Do you have concerns about your AC unit? Give the experts at One Hour Air Covington a call TODAY!