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I’m sure everyone will agree that air conditioners are pretty much an inseparable part of our daily life here in the southeast. And this has been the case since that fateful day in 1902 when Willis Carrier invented AC. Aside from providing great comfort, especially during the sticky summer heat, it’s also necessary for maintaining the required environment temperatures and humidity levels to keep our indoor air free of excessive mold or mildew.


With all of its wonderful, cool comfort, It’s easy to want to leave our air conditioners on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without hesitation. And while it might feel nice to come home to a 60 degree house on a hot August day, sadly, your AC unit wasn’t designed to work that hard. This unintentionally irresponsible decision can actually have an indirect and direct negative impact on you and your family.


Let’s have a detailed look at the reasons why you need to stop running your AC 24/7/365:

  • Increases Your Household’s Energy Usage by 200 to 300%.


Running your air conditioner unit 24 hours a day can drastically increase your power consumption by up to 3 times more than is necessary, which means 2 or 3 times more bills to pay. Energy efficient air conditioners can only do so much, so watch out. If the goal is pinching pennies, you definitely should consider turning the AC down a little.


  • It Can Have Negative Effects On You and Your Family’s Health


If you let your AC run non-stop, it will continually accumulate dirt and clog the air filters really, really fast. Air that passes through a semi-clogged filter can carry tiny specks of dust that may cause an allergic reaction. So if anyone in your family is allergic to dust, then we’d recommend not running your thermostat at quite so low a temp in the summer.


  • 39% of Our Nation’s Yearly Greenhouse Gas Emission Comes From Household Air Conditioners.


ACs have a massive impact on our environment. As mentioned above, air conditioning units are responsible for contributing a whopping 39% of our Nations greenhouse emissions. Though, of course, most models these days are environmentally friendly, it would be impossible with our current AC technology for emissions to drop to 0%. So while these new air conditioners produce less, the more you use them, the more they produce.


  • Running Your Air Conditioner 24/7 Can Bring With it Otherwise Unnecessary Repairs.


You might already know some of this, but we’ve found that running your air conditioning unit non-stop is also bad for the appliance itself for the following reasons:


  • The ACs air filters will be clogged with dirt faster, causing the unit to blow out warm air, which is the opposite of what you want… If your filters are already clogged but you happen to still be using your AC every day, the condenser coil will continually accumulate hardened dirt. If this continues, the unit’s compressor will suffer extensive damage. A damaged compressor and/or condenser are two of the worst things that can happen as it may very well force you to abandon the entire unit or have it repaired, which can cause you a lot of unforeseen expense and possibly time without any AC at all, and in the dead of summer, that’s not really something anyone wants to be dealing with.


It can be quite the eye-opener when you read about the risks of running your AC at extremely low temps all the time. If you’ve running yours 24/7 at extremely low temperatures, now is the time to consider cutting the thermostat up to the low or middle 70’s and have a licensed professional take a look at your unit to avoid further damage.


Stay cool Covington! And keep an eye on our blog for more useful info about your home air conditioning. CALL TODAY!