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Visit the Covington Three Rivers Art Festival

Visit the Covington Three Rivers Art Festival

The historic downtown district of Covington takes art to the next level with a number of independent galleries. So it’s really not a surprise for the town to hold its annual Three Rivers Art Festival each and every year in November. The festival is an amazing chance...
Common Misconceptions With Your Smart Thermostat

Common Misconceptions With Your Smart Thermostat

Over the last several years, there has hardly been an end to the expansion of smart devices and their abilities when it comes to ways they can make life easier for everyone.   Despite this ever widening door into home automation however, there are still a vast...

Signs That Your HVAC System is Giving Out

  In the heat of the summer having your HVAC system work properly and without hiccups is an absolute must. But what if your HVAC is getting ready to go out and you’re not sure what to look out for to make sure it doesn’t catch you by surprise in the terrible...

Should I Repair or Replace My AC?

To the average homeowner, this question seems almost impossible to answer. We try not to think about it, but we know the AC isn’t performing like it used to. Today, we’re going to help you figure out if you need to replace your unit. Is Your Unit On the Fritz?? If you...