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Over the last several years, there has hardly been an end to the expansion of smart devices and their abilities when it comes to ways they can make life easier for everyone.


Despite this ever widening door into home automation however, there are still a vast number of misconceptions about smart thermostats. So today, we’re going to present you with some real facts and let you call the shots for what works best in your home and for you.


“They’re Far Too Difficult to Install.”


One of the most common misconceptions about smart thermostats is that you have to be a guru and really know what you’re doing when it comes to the proper installation. However, this just isn’t the case. Anyone properly trained in heating and air service can install a smart thermostat.


However, it’s never advisable to DIY your thermostat install. It might be easy for a technician, but if you don’t have experience and training there is a chance you could damage your compressor which will lead to a costly repair bill!


If you choose to take that risk and do it yourself, you can. But there’s definitely help to be found and a quick service call from your local One Hour service tech can have you reaping the benefits of a smart thermostat this week. So don’t make lack of experience the reason you miss out on all the great benefits of a smart thermostat! Give us a call.


“But The Prices!”


Another big misconception about smart thermostats? “They’re much too pricey!”

While smart thermostats cost a little more than a standard thermostat, you want to take into account the saving you will acquire while using your smart thermostat.


Imagine lowering your monthly heating and cooling costs and saving five or ten percent every single month? Why, in no time at all you’ll have made back any excess money you might’ve spent in the process and even your utility company will thank you. So I guess the real question you should ask yourself is: “Do I want to make this investment?” If the answer is yes, then get ready for those savings!


“Temperature Isn’t Correct? It’s The Smart Thermostat.”


Some people believe that if the temperature in your home isn’t correct it is the fault of the thermostat. This just isn’t true. And it doesn’t matter if you’re talking about a smart thermostat or a regular thermostat. Yes, the job of the thermostat is to set the temperature that you want your home to be at. Presumably, something comfortable. If however you have set the temperature in your home and it doesn’t seem to ever reach that temperature, the problem is rarely ever the fault of your smart thermometer.


The actual problem can stem from things like insufficient insulation, leaky ductwork, a broken and/or ill-functioning heating and cooling unit, or even dirt or dust within the thermostat. If you’re not sure, a technician can tell you for certain and save you lots of unnecessary grief.


Programmable smart thermostats are incredible things. Created with the logic of saving you money on your energy bill and for the ease of the homeowner, smart thermostats are becoming less and less a luxury and more a necessity.