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Air Conditioning is among one of the most incredible things the advance of technology has brought us. It remains a convenience that would be hard to give up due to its capacity to bring comfort and cool into the lives of people everywhere. Especially for those of us living in hot muggy places like New Orleans.

But did you know that air conditioners can do so much more than just bring that wonderfully cool air into your home?


They can significantly decrease the humidity levels which will prevent us from feeling uncomfortably sticky as well as filtering out smoke particles, mites, and odors, which is helpful because it purifies the air inside of our homes.


Thanks to the advancement of technology, modern Energy Star units are designed not only to cool areas faster but also save us up to 60% in electricity costs as well. AND they now come with built-in stabilizers and auto adjust temperature features for a good night’s sleep.


Even with all the technological advancements in the way we deal with that awful, sticky summer heat, however, air conditioning units are still subject to regular maintenance for peak performance.


But why exactly is servicing your AC a necessity? We’ve compiled some fun facts and information to show you exactly why it’s worth the time, money and effort to take good care of your AC unit. Let’s get started.


It Improves The Overall Efficiency of Your AC Unit


Did you know that your air conditioner loses 5% of its efficiency for every year that you don’t have it serviced? It’s true! If you were to go three years without cleaning the coils in your unit, you can lose a full 15% of the efficiency of your AC unit. Just like we need check-ups with a primary care doctor to make sure our health is on track, your AC unit needs a check-up with it’s primary care doctor, (an HVAC tech) to make sure it’s functioning properly for peak efficiency. Regular AC Service Can Find and Address Issues That May Grow into Serious Ones If Left Unattended.

If you regularly service your air conditioning unit, the cooling professional can check the overall condition of the unit and let you know about small issues that may grow into bigger problems which can be costly to repair. Don’t go without cooling or heating if you don’t have to! Covington has your back.


Servicing Your AC=Recovering 95% of the Unit’s Lost Efficiency!!


It’s never too late to get your AC serviced if you failed to do so for the past few years. If you start now, chances are you’ll be able to recover as much as 95% of its lost efficiency. This means that the cost of servicing your AC can be immediately recovered through reduced monthly utility bills and reduced cost of repairs because they can be handled before they’re big, expensive issues.


Have we convinced you that servicing your air conditioning unit is important? Our very own heating and cooling professionals at Covington HVAC suggest that even if there are no evident problems on your AC unit, you should have it inspected at least once a year to ensure it operates at maximum efficiency.


Always trust ONLY  a licensed cooling professional like our experts at One Hour Heating and Air to carry out the job. Give us a call and let’s get your unit working like new again.