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In the heat of the summer having your HVAC system work properly and without hiccups is an absolute must. But what if your HVAC is getting ready to go out and you’re not sure what to look out for to make sure it doesn’t catch you by surprise in the terrible heat? Here are a few signs that your HVAC system is getting ready to give out.


Unusual Noises


Properly operating HVAC units are pretty quiet, so it’s important to pay attention when the system produces strange noises. Some sounds can be caused by issues that can be fixed with simple AC repairs. If left neglected without care though, these noisy problems can lead to a full-system replacement.


Look out for whistling noises, clunks, thumps and screeches. ALWAYS pay attention and call an expert out to take a look. Some of these issues can result in fires or other issues that not only destroy your system, but perhaps cause issues in your home as well.


Poor Performance


Aside from just not giving you the cool air you so desperately desire in the Summer months inside. An air conditioning system that fails to keep you comfortably cool is probably ready for a replacement. These performance problems can be a sign that your AC is on its last legs:

  • The system cycles on and off frequently
  • Some rooms stay cooler than others
  • Airflow feels weak and ineffective
  • The AC fails to maintain desired temperatures
  • Humidity problems make the air feel sticky and clammy

Age and Wear on the System


Of course, any system over ten years old should probably be replaced. It all depends on wear and tear and this is something that a certified tech can help you decide after giving your HVAC system a thorough check-up.


If your system has poor performance, is making odd sounds and is in need of constant repairs, save yourself the headache and the money and look into a new installation today.

Sometimes it pays to spend a little to save a lot in the long run. And when you have a working system, bring on the summer heat! (And a lemonade.)


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