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Are you in an area that experiences extremely cold winters? If so, you might find yourself turning on the heater for warmth as the temperature drops. But before you do…did you know that turning on your heater might use up to three times more electricity than turning on the AC to cool down your home? No kidding! It can drive energy costs up faster than almost anything else.


Like we did after finding out that disappointing truth, you’re probably having a thousand thoughts on whether or not you’ll turn your heater on as early, or keep it on as long. But don’t worry. We have you covered. Read on and learn some efficient and cost-effective ways to keep warm during the winter and save a little extra cash this wintery and wonderful season.


Cheaper Alternative Ways to Keep Warm During Winter:

  • One of the most efficient ways to heat your home without costing you too much extra money is by using an electric heat pump. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t have a heat pump, so their only option is to turn on space heaters not knowing how much they can save by installing a modern heat pump or furnace.


  • Set the thermostat at 68 degrees, or you can set the fan switch on auto and when you leave your house or more than a few hours, turn the heat down 3-4 degrees.


  • A space heater actually isn’t a totally bad option to consider if you only want to heat 1-2 rooms. Just note that this is a temporary heating device that should be used on a limited basis when someone is home to keep an eye on things. Using a space heater requires careful handling and you have to remember to carefully follow all the safety precautions. Ensure that the space heater is not too close to any furniture, drapes or any combustible items.


  • Another way to reduce your energy consumption during winter is to keep your fireplace damper shut when not in use.


  • Lastly, open up your south facing shades and curtains during sunny days.


Winter doesn’t last forever. Soon enough you’ll no longer need to bother deciding on whether you need to turn your heater on or not. However, we do hope the above tips will help you save on your electricity bills during the cold and bitter winter season!


If you have any concerns about your heating and air conditioning unit, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’d be happy to help!